man in an Otter Arctic Spas hot tub


Playground & customisation

Arctic Spas Spa Boy

The most advanced Automated Water Care System is available on this hot tub!

Arctic Spas Spa Boy
Health Canada PMRA Registration number: 32253


Water Volume:

1347 US Gallons / 5100 litres


Length: 436cm / 172″
Width: 236cm / 93″
Height: 129cm / 51″

Seats: 4

Capacity: 12

Arctic Spas® is known for two things – making the best cold weather spas on the planet, and having a good time wherever we are.

When we travel to a tropic location, a must-have is a swim up bar!

Even better, leave the hassles of travel behind, and enjoy our newest All Weather Pool, the Okanagan.

Fittingly named for Canada’s summer playground, the Okanagan comes complete with an LED-lit swim up bar and even an ice bucket to keep the drinks cold when the heat is on!

With optional seating for a dozen or more, fantastic lighting throughout, water features and a choice of swim jets to play in, this All Weather Pool can really do it all.

All weather pool description


Top view of a platinum swirl color of an All Weather Pool

Platinum Swirl

*Models displayed are representative of colors ONLY and may not be the model described.

All Weather Pool jet configuration:

All Weather Pool Okanagan model, SDS jet configuration

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 3

All Weather Pool Okanagan model, Legend jet configuration

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 3

All Weather Pool Okanagan model, Signature jet configuration

Jets: 40 – Pumps: 2

All Weather Pool Okanagan model, Prestige jet configuration

Jets: 20 – Pumps: 1